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Kambal Karibal
Kambal Karibal

Kambal Karibal (International title: Heart & Soul / transl. Twin, Rival) is a Philippine television drama supernatural series broadcast by GMA Network. Directed by Don Michael Perez, it stars Bianca Umali, Miguel Tanfelix, Pauline Mendoza and Kyline Alcantara. It premiered on November 27, 2017 on the network’s Telebabad line up replacing Alyas Robin Hood. The series concluded on August 3, 2018 with a total of 178 episodes. It was replaced by Onanay in its timeslot.

Originally titled as Santa Santita, it marked as the comeback show of Marvin Agustin in the network after six years. The series is streaming online on YouTube.


The story centers on twins Crisanta and Criselda. Criselda dies due to a rare disease and remains a spirit that only appears to Crisanta. Their bond starts to fall apart when they both fall in love with Diego. The rivalry between them builds up when their mother’s affections are focused on Crisanta. When Criselda’s emotions consume her and her soul finds another person’s body to inhabit, she returns to take both her mother’s affection and Diego’s love.

Cast and characters

Lead cast
  • Bianca Umali as Crisanta “Crisan” Enriquez Magpantay / Victoria Enriquez Magpantay
  • Miguel Tanfelix as Diego Ocampo de Villa
  • Pauline Mendoza as Criselda “Crisel” Enriquez Magpantay / Amanda Enriquez Magpantay
  • Kyline Alcantara as Francheska “Cheska” Enriquez de Villa / Grace Akeem Nazar
Supporting cast
  • Jean Garcia as Teresa Abaya-Bautista
  • Marvin Agustin as Raymond de Villa / Samuel Calderon[4]
  • Alfred Vargas as Allan Magpantay
  • Carmina Villarroel as Geraldine Enriquez-Magpantay[5]
  • Gloria Romero as Maria Anicia Enriquez
  • Christopher de Leon as Emmanuel “Manuel” de Villa
  • Jeric Gonzales as Michael Roy “Makoy” Claveria
  • Franchesca Salcedo as Norilyn “Nori” Salcedo / Frenny[6]
  • Rafa Siguion-Reyna as Vincent De Jesus
  • Sheree Bautista as Lilian Ocampo
  • Raquel Monteza as Mildred Abaya
Guest cast
  • Gardo Versoza as Noli Bautista
  • Katrina Halili as Nida Generoso
  • Amalia Rosales as Dolores Amelia
  • Rez Cortez as an exorcism priest
  • Robert Ortega as Priest
  • Froilan Sales as Jericho
  • Mike Lloren as Delfin Claveria
  • Miggs Cuaderno as James Martinez
  • Tina Paner as Azon Martinez
  • Lynn Ynchausti-Cruz as Victoria Magpantay
  • Juan Rodrigo as Tomas Magpantay
  • Kelvin Miranda as John “Tembong” Enriquez
  • Brent Valdez as Jolo
  • Angela Evangelista as Olive Enriquez
  • Princess Guevarra as Madel Gutierrez
  • Tanya Gomez as Edna Gutierrez
  • Gerald Madrid as Dado
  • Jenny Miller as Lerma
  • Elle Ramirez as Jane
  • Lou Sison as Luisa
  • Angie Ferro as Amang Editha
  • Diva Montelaba as Linda
  • Arra San Agustin as young Geraldine
  • Therese Malvar as young Teresa
  • Empress Schuck as young Anicia
  • Ashley Cabrera as young Cheska
  • Jazz Yburan as young Crisan
  • Caprice Mendez as young Crisel and Cristiana Enriquez Magpantay
  • Seth dela Cruz as young Diego
  • Marc Justine Alvarez as young Makoy
  • Roence Santos as Black Lady / Ganeva
  • Eliza Pineda as Patricia Gonzales
  • Sheila Marie Rodriguez as Jenny Ginez
  • Ana Capri as Clara
  • Kenken Nuyad as Bugoy
  • Lollie Mara as Celia
  • Hannah Precillas as Manilyn
  • Maureen Larrazabal as Madame Strong Beauty
  • Scarlet Petite as Suzy
  • Inah de Belen as Phoebe
  • Kevin Santos as Xander Liwanag
  • Jake Vargas as Darren Olivar
  • Maricar de Mesa as Valerie Olivar
  • Lianne Valentin as Madeline
  • Yasser Marta as Andre
  • Sunshine Dizon as Maricar Akeem Nazar
  • Ping Medina as Obet
  • Tart Carlos as Gladys
  • Andrew Gan as Dalton
  • Pekto as Olsec
  • Dave Bornea as Claudio Calderon
  • Luz Fernandez as Magda Liwanag


According to AGB Nielsen Philippines‘ Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement People in television homes, the pilot episode of Kambal, Karibal earned an 8.5% rating. While the final episode scored a 13% rating. The series got its highest rating on April 26, 2018 with a 12.8% rating In National Urban Philippines Audience Shares, it got its highest rating on January 22, 2018 with a 42.3% rating. Due to its high ratings, the show was extended until August 2018.

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